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New licensing bill – The only way it will work for small business: April 26, 2013

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It is clear that much like numerous other well intended laws -in this case to help combat illegal trade activities from fake cigarettes to unscrupulous scrap merchants- the unfortunate reality is that most enforcement agencies (municipal, provincial and national) could not organise a piss-up in brewery.

That said, the whole business licensing process from CipC (Company Intellectual Processing Centre) to the regional liquor registration boards, is fraught with inefficiency, vested interests and a limited sense of urgency. The typical ‘móre is nog ‘n ander dag’ attitude.

In the new connected economy, old solutions such as top-down compliancy just does not work as they used to. New innovations and solutions are required.

Our suggestion at BizAssist.co.za is that the state offer a self-regulatory process via a web-based (and this includes smart-phone) enabled range of apps and solutions where by self registration can take place at NO cost. Information (as Google maps) about where we live & work, copies and details of ID’s, and Bank details can be loaded- and safely stored.

Finally, produce a Registration Number and Certification online. Let the state make an appointment with the owner to verify if indeed further verification is required. Put the sense of urgency on the shoulders of the state to check our details.

This mentality simply continues with the national ‘skimming ‘ attitude where fees are collected in the name of burdensome, parochial and often needless licenses, tolls etc. Any system that makes entrepreneurs wait for verification is just simply old fashioned, out of touch and an extension of a top-down mindset.

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