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Just who is South Africa’s most famous entrepreneur? December 13, 2012

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Well the recent passing truly great South Africans such as Arthur Chaskalson and Prof Jakes Gerwel and Madibas recent hospitalisation got me thinking about just who are our up and coming entrepreneurial icons. South Africa is endowed with successful entrepreneurs. From Raymond Ackerman to Toyko Sexwale, Patrice Motsepe et al, the list seems endless as is the equally long list of infamous tenderpreneurs. To me at least, the title of SA’s greatest ever entrepreneur goes to Elon Musk.

Which entrepreneur can say that they have changed the world 3 times…successfully? (See our article http://bit.ly/STmLSh ). Starting off with Elon’s first venture (now) called Pay Pal he then moved on to start addressing the most important economic issues facing the 21C namely transport and renewable energy (Tesla Motors and more recently Space X and Solar City). His fusion of engineering and business has been brilliant, the total commitment and belief in each venture not to mention his total personal investment in SpaceX – had SpaceX rockets not connected with the International Space Station, the financial fallout would have been catastrophic, is awe inspiring.

In my Jan / Feb issue of SA Guide to Business Opportunities magazine I have no hesitation naming Elon Musk SA’s greatest entrepreneur – ever. To hear about what Elon has achieved we have edited to 15 minutes The Oxford-Martin ‘think tank speech’ made by Elon at Oxford University on 22 November 2012 http://bit.ly/12n4tgy.  To top it off the head of Oxford Martin ‘think tank’ is also a South African and Pretoria Boys High old boy as is Elon Musk!

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