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Are you a CEO or a Chief Everything Officer? January 25, 2012

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I was wondering about this concept. You need a team, but not just any team. You need the right team for the appropriate stage of a company’s life. You wouldn’t hire a professor to teach kids – for that, you need to find primary school teachers.

The same goes for start-ups and growing businesses. Find the right people for the right job, as well as the right attitude.
All businesses need drivers with A type personalities. In the beginning the two most important people to have on your team will be the one who can guide the operational processes and the marketing person who can start creating demand for your products and services.

Your team is not just comprised of the founders, owners, and employees. It is also the outside mentors, advisors, vendors, and consultants. Unless a start-up happens to have a lot of funding on day one, these outsiders are key to a new business thriving. Not many start-ups can afford to hire full time employees to do a specific task, and so it becomes easier to employ contract workers or outsource these tasks.

While founders often question why they should hire someone to do what they could do themselves, remember that building a company takes many people, and you can never do it alone.

CEO does not stand for Chief Everything Officer.

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