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SEO for Facebook? – Get ready for NFO. September 6, 2011

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Sick and tired of being bombarded with shallow information? Well now Facebook has introduced EDGE – a sort of a “News Feed Optimization” ranking or NFO and it has huge implications for the way in which news items will be ranked. The implications for business are obvious.

Most entrepreneurs have some idea of what SEO (search engine optimization) means in the context of their company websites. But what about NFO? This is Facebook’s latest attempt to try and rank our incoming news feeds depending on our prior activity history. This means one of my pet hates about Facebook is being tackled head-on, which is great news as over time I won’t have my news feeds cluttered with all sorts of useless information. And that applies to businesses who seem to have forgotten that the golden rule of social media is to engage, listen and invite and not force-feed daily sales offerings.
The challenge however for businesses now is to make sure that when posting to your fans, the news actually reaches them. Well, I am afraid the power is in your fans. If they are NOT engaging with you, your news may not even get to them and I think that’s a good thing.

So if you have been working on a brilliant marketing piece, how are you going to make sure your network will see it now? Chances are they may not. Even if it does end up getting through, it may be ranked so low on your fans’ news feed that it will be missed. So what can you do about it?
Currently received news is split into two different categories – “Top News” and “Recent News”.
So just what determines whether your news will make it into your fans “top news” news feed?

There are two major considerations.
1) Facebook has create an algorithm called Edge Rank which essentially consists of three variables:
2) Your fans will need to engage with you before your content is pushed to the top of their news feed.
So what does Facebook Edge Rank means for your business?
Let’s explain the terminology…
An EDGE refers to any content you share on Facebook. (Status updates/posting a photo/Liking Something/Commenting/Getting tagged).
Whether and if you receive all your incoming news feeds is based on the following:

AFFINITY: This is a function of your engagement with another Facebook member. Essentially this means that if you are engaging (not just liking comments) but commenting and sending messages then Facebook will safely assume that you have an affinity with that Facebook member.
The best thing about it is that affinity is NOT bi-directional. Facebook calculates an affinity for each of your ‘friends’.

WEIGHT: Different content has different weights – for example photo content is more interesting than likes and friends’ comments about their friends is not interesting to you at all.

TIME DECAY: This is almost self-explanatory. With everyone wanting fresh content, EDGE rankings are highest with the quickest posts and interactions. The freshness will influence what news you get to see.
The secret to effective Facebook marketing is to continuously create engaging interactions such as “likes”, “shares” and comments with your Facebook fan page wall and tab. And that takes me back to the first rule of social media – Engage, Listen, Invite…



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It’s wonderful that you are getting ideas from this paragraph as well as from our dialogue made at this time.

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